January 22 2013 - Wandboard Quickstart Guide

What can be more frustrating than receiving a Wandboard and not knowing how to get started? Check out the Wandboard Quick Start Guide that explains how to connect the Wandboard and create a bootable SD card.

Get the Wandboard Quick Start Guide

January 15 2013 - Wandboard to Developers

Today we shipped a small batch from the production Wandboards i.MX6 Solo and Dual to partner developers around the world to let them prepare to get the Wandboard fully supported in opensource software projects.


January 10 2013 - Thermal and Power Consumption Testresults

With just one week to go before we start shipping Wandboard towards distributors and few weeks until people get their hands on the boards. We want to ensure ourselves that all is in place. The git server has to be setup next week. The Wandboard quickstart guide has to be checked and a million other items are on the to-do list.

We received many questions on the Wandboard power consumption and thermal requirements. Above you can see a setup with a Wandboard Dual with WiFi and a HDMI display inside a Wandboard enclosure.

The temperature was taken after 24 hours operation and with 31.4 degrees Celsius (89 degrees Fahrenheit) we are very satisfied given that the room temperature was aprox 20 degrees. (thermal delta of 12 degrees). 

We took our linux code without any of the Freescale i.MX6 power savings enabled.

Wandboard Dual - Idle (see above setup)
Power consumption 0.23A * 5V = 1.15 Watt 

Wandboard Dual - 100% utilization
Power consumption 0.32A * 5V = 1.6 Watt

At 100% full load the air temperature INSIDE the Wandboard enclosure is around 43 degrees Celsius. Without any added thermal heatsink and the CPU surface temperature is just above 50 degrees. This pretty much is similar to the results you find with a WiFi access point and it's a temperature that many notebooks and desktops will be jealous of.

December 26 2012 - Wandboard Production Crunch Time

With the first couple thousand Wandboard PCB's incoming in the next week (INDEED A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A VERY GOOD START OF 2013). We have been pulling the hairs out of our heads to see how and what we have to prepare to fully test the units.

From the very start everyone agreed that we have to perform a complete 100% function test on the products to ensure that the boards that go to people are fully working.

The problem we saw was with the expansion pinheader and the many signals that come out of these 80 pins. The only logic solution we came up with is to quickly design a quick "test PCB" that brings the display signals to a LVDS and TTL display, puts LED's on the GPIO's and have an EEPROM connected to every SPI or I2C.

The testboard came just before X-Mas and today we confirmed that this is exactly doing the job. 

December 19 2012 - Wandboard in a Box


2 plastic parts + 4 screws + 4 tiny rubber feets + Wandboard + guy with 2 left hands using a screwdriver =  Wandboard in a box.

December 18 2012 - Wandboard Enclosure Samples

Many emails over the past 2 weeks regarding the enclosure. We got the samples earlier today delivered and immediately took pictures.

Tomorrow we will put a quick assembling guide online.

UPDATE: For anyone that wants to see NEW high resolution pictures of the Wandboard or the enclosure.


December 5 2012 - Blockdiagram

The Wandboard blockdiagram explains clearly which signals are being used and how they are routed from the System-on-Module (SoM) towards the EDM connector that comes down to the I/O shield which holds all the physical connectors such as the HDMI, LAN, USB and so forth.

To give you all a short update : We are working around the clock to have software and documentation in a shape that is easy to understand for beginning engineers and at the same time not annoying experienced engineers. It's a tough challange given that we want to have Wandboards in people's hand before the end of the year.


November 27 2012 - Wandboard Enclosure


We asked a few friends to design a nice, cheap and easy to assemble enclosure for the Wandboard.

Today we received the following renderings and we are "in love"

What you guys think and what color would you want to have around your Wandboard? 

November 22 2012 - Wandboard goes India


The Wandboard is coming closer to people in India. Tenet starts promoting the board in Bangalore India to students and engineers.
Nice shirts guys.

November 20 2012 - Wandboard pre-order begins in Japan

Exciting news. We received a fair bit of media attention in Japan. (magazines coming out next month).

Pre-ordering Wandboards in Japan is now possible on the NMR homepage.


PICO-IMX6UL for Android Things

pico imx6ul kit android things

Wandboard Specifications

Processor NXP i.MX6 Solo NXP i.MX6 Duallite NXP i.MX6 Quad
Cores Cortex-A9 Single core Cortex-A9 Dual core Cortex-A9 Quad core
Vivante GC 880
+ Vivante GC 320
Vivante GC 880
+ Vivante GC 320
Vivante GC 2000
+ Vivante GC 355
+ Vivante GC 320
Memory 512 MB DDR3 1GB DDR3 2GB DDR3
Audio tag tag tag
tag tag tag
HDMI tag tag tag
tag tag tag
Micro-SD slot 2 2 2
Serial port tag tag tag
tag tag tag
USB tag tag tag
USB OTG tag tag tag
Gigabit LAN tag tag tag
WiFi (802.11n)   tag tag
Bluetooth   tag tag

79 USD

99 USD

129 USD