April 12 2013 - Wandboard in Japanese Magazine

If you live in Japan and you like the Wandboard.

Get the magazine. There is so much information in the article to get you started playing with the Wandboard.


UPDATE: We just were informed that you can win a Wandboard Dual when you buy the magazine.

March 11 2013 - Wandboard Usage Poll

20130311-usage-pollWe asked you all what you plan to use the Wandboard for now the unit is shipping.

With 46.7% (321/688) multimedia players and streaming solutions were clearly taking the lead.

We are only wondering if one of the 37 people that voted to create a coffeemachine out of the Wandboard is already successful in achieving his task. If you do so.

Please send us pictures, sourcecode software and tell us how the coffee taste. You can do so in the forums and we will ask you to write a post about it that will be featured on the Wandboard homepage.  

February 23 2013 - How the Wandboard Enclosure was made

So you got yourself a Wandboard with enclosure and you are wondering how a mold is actually manufactured in order to make a simple plastic enclosure.

The pictures above show the process after the 3D files are created and the "actual work" starts where a design is turned from a computer screen to a real life 3D product manufacturing tool. The whole process took a bit over a month.

From Left to Right (Top row) 
1.       calculating  moldflow for  the enclosure's design
2.       first milling of the tool
3.       EDM parts (the other EDM: Electric discharge machining)
4.       EDM process

From Left to Right (Bottom row)
5.       After the EDM (bottom)
6.       After EDM (top)
7.       final tool
8.       Tool inside the injection molding machine (the parts that stick out are the ejector pins) 

February 18 2013 - We are shipping the Wandboard

We are shipping the Wandboard and the first Twitter tweets start to appear.

February 8 2013 - Userguide and Schematics

The Wandboard started shipping a few days ago.

As promised. The userguide and complete schematics can be found in the download section. 

Now it's your turn.


February 7 2013 - Android Jelly Bean BETA

Wandboard + Android Jellybean. Find the Beta preview in the download section.

February 6 2013 - Ubuntu Preview for Wandboard

We just uploaded preview images of Ubuntu. You can find them on the download page.

Please select the right image for your Wandboard (SOLO or DUAL). 

Check them out and let us know what you think in the forums.  

January 24 2013 - Wandboard Software Poll

20130124-300px-pollFor the January Poll we asked you all what software support you would like to see when we are launching the Wandboard and you can find the status on the left side.

We were seeing initially that Android and Ubuntu were leading the poll with a sudden spike of XBMC requests.  

PICO-IMX6UL for Android Things

pico imx6ul kit android things

Wandboard Specifications

Processor NXP i.MX6 Solo NXP i.MX6 Duallite NXP i.MX6 Quad
Cores Cortex-A9 Single core Cortex-A9 Dual core Cortex-A9 Quad core
Vivante GC 880
+ Vivante GC 320
Vivante GC 880
+ Vivante GC 320
Vivante GC 2000
+ Vivante GC 355
+ Vivante GC 320
Memory 512 MB DDR3 1GB DDR3 2GB DDR3
Audio tag tag tag
tag tag tag
HDMI tag tag tag
tag tag tag
Micro-SD slot 2 2 2
Serial port tag tag tag
tag tag tag
USB tag tag tag
USB OTG tag tag tag
Gigabit LAN tag tag tag
WiFi (802.11n)   tag tag
Bluetooth   tag tag

79 USD

99 USD

129 USD