August 12 2013 - Wandboard gets a Wiki

Are you working with a Wandboard and you have something interesting that you want to share with others.

Or you want to help writing tutorials to get started with the Wandboard.

Join us at the Wiki and help our new community members getting their feets wet.

Start contributing :

July 30 2013 - Timesys Linuxlink support comes to the Wandboard


Timesys brings its award-winning, easy-to-use LinuxLink suite of embedded Linux development tools to the Wandboard community.

LinuxLink combines a free, intuitive web-based wizard that, when combined with the unique Advice Engine, helps simplify embedded Linux platform design decisions.  Professional developers can benefit from the optional locally-hosted LinuxLink PRO tools with Update Engine to help you stay abreast of board support package (BSP) updates, TimeStorm Eclipse-based Linux development tools and unmetered support from one of the most well-regarded embedded Linux companies in the industry.

Timesys also offers the only commercially supported hard-float enabled Linux BSP for i.MX6 development.  In addition, Timesys provides a wide range of embedded Linux and Android professional services and training in Linux and on all Wandboard platforms.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional embedded product developer, Timesys and LinuxLink have something that will greatly simplify your Linux Wandboard development experience.


July 18 2013 - Future Electronics adds Multitouch to Wandboard


The nice guys at Future Electronics put a lot of energy into bringing a 7 inch multitouch display to the Wandboard and even posted the schematics of their board.

Some movies on Youtube:

MOVIE : Wandboard WBQUAD with multitouch display assembling + Android Jellybean

MOVIE : Wandboard WBQUAD with multitouch display running Linux

MOVIE : Wandboard how to get started guide
***What do you need***
Future Electronics : FWBADAPT-7WVGA-PCAP adaptor board purchase page (the schematics can be found here as well)
Future Electronics : 7 inch multitouch LCD display

And of course you need a Wandboard Solo/Dual/Quad.

July 17 2013 - Wandboard Quad goes mainline kernel

The Wandboard Quad will be included with Kernel 3.12 and joins his brother Wandboard Dual with mainline linux support.

July 2 2013 - Wandboard Modules 10Pack Now Available


Many people asked us. "Can I buy the Wandboard Modules without the carrierboard to use on my own EDM carrierboard".

We can answer now. "Yes. We have 10 packs".

All distributors carry them.

Some list unit pricing. Others list 10 pack pricing. Check the details.

WB-EDM-IMX6S-10PACK : 10 Wandboard Solo Modules (i.MX6 Solo with 512MB RAM)
WB-EDM-IMX6DL-10PACK : 10 Wandboard Dual Modules (i.MX6 Duallite with 1GB RAM + WiFi/BT)
WB-EDM-IMX6Q-10PACK : 10 Wandboard Quad Modules (i.MX6 Quad with 2GB RAM + WiFi/BT)

If you need EDM connectors for prototype purposes. Ask them. The distributors carry them too "EDMCONNECTORKIT".

June 26 2013 - Wandboard Quad mainline u-boot


The Wandboard Quad will be included in u-boot 2013.07. Thank you Tapani, Otavio and Stefano for making this happen.

Next step. Mainline kernel.   

June 6 2013 - Wandboard at Computex Taipei

We are at Computex 2013 in Taipei and the Wandboard i.MX6 Quad is on display at the Freescale Booth (WTC Hall 1 booth A0703).

May 27 2013 - Wandboard Quad


Sorry for not posting many updates in the past weeks. However the whole team has been extremely busy with updating software (Ubuntu, Linux, Android Jellybean). A lot of the updates have been posted in the past weeks and we hope you all like the progress. We still encourage you all to submit patches. It's not a one way road.

Today we have an exciting update. Wandboard Quad and it's a big update. We not only update the Freescale i.MX6 to a Cortex-A9 Quadcore (that is 4 cores at 1Ghz) but the Freescale i.MX6Quad also integrates the Vivante GC2000 videocore adding higher graphic performance. We took one more step by also doubling the memory to a total 2GB DDR3.

The current status is that we have 60 working samples in our hands and a production run of Wandboard Quad's will ship to distributors early June.

Wandboard updated specification flyer :
Wandboard modules only specification flyer :  

April 28 2013 - Yocto support lands on the Wandboard i.MX6


If you like a very compact and easy way to customize your embedded linux environment you might have heard of the Yoctoproject.

As of today the Wandboard has been added in Yocto 1.4 release Freescale i.MX6 branch. 

PICO-IMX6UL for Android Things

pico imx6ul kit android things

Wandboard Specifications

Processor NXP i.MX6 Solo NXP i.MX6 Duallite NXP i.MX6 Quad
Cores Cortex-A9 Single core Cortex-A9 Dual core Cortex-A9 Quad core
Vivante GC 880
+ Vivante GC 320
Vivante GC 880
+ Vivante GC 320
Vivante GC 2000
+ Vivante GC 355
+ Vivante GC 320
Memory 512 MB DDR3 1GB DDR3 2GB DDR3
Audio tag tag tag
tag tag tag
HDMI tag tag tag
tag tag tag
Micro-SD slot 2 2 2
Serial port tag tag tag
tag tag tag
USB tag tag tag
USB OTG tag tag tag
Gigabit LAN tag tag tag
WiFi (802.11n)   tag tag
Bluetooth   tag tag

79 USD

99 USD

129 USD