Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

On a daily basis. We are being asked on a daily basis a number of returning questions. We try to capture the most common ones on this page.


Where can I buy a "Wandboard"?


Go to the following page to select a Wandboard distributror :


What is the "Wandboard"?

The Wandboard is a lowcost Linux/ARM Cortex-A9 ARM board which exists of a coremodule and a simple to modify interface board.

Why you guys make this board. There are already many low cost linux boards available. Where is the Wandboard different?

The limiting factor of alternatives is that either they are not available in large volume, use outdated specifications or are designed with only cost factored in and there is no upgrade path once you decide this is the right product and you want to slightly modify the unit by adding few components/interfaces.

Modular you said? What is the interface specifications on the edge of the connector?

The Wandboard uses a so called EDM standard connector. This is a 314 pin connector which carries all signals ranging from HDMI to gigabit ethernet to control pins such as GPIO's, I2C, SPI and serials.

EDM? What's that?

EDM is a Embedded Design Module standard under the Creative Commons license targeting on embedded applications and controllers which are being actively developed by many embedded companies. A copy of the specifications can be found at .

So there are multiple EDM modules in the market to make this "future-proof" upgradable?

YES. It has been launched by a group of companies in 2012. The Wandboard team considers this a good initiative given the openness of the standard giving everyone all building blocks they need to modify and create new products. The team also is involved jointly with others to finalize the public EDM specifications and ensuring all data is public available to the general public.

Can I become part of the Wandboard community?

Certainly. Just head over to the forums and become part of our family.

I want to develop software for the Wandboard. How do I start?

Go to the forums and start talking to us.

Can I use the Wandboard in a commercial project?

Certainly. Feel free to design your project around the Wandboard. You can either use the Wandboard module + the interface board or you can create a custom interface/connector board to fit into your enclosure

Where and how can I buy one?

The Wandboard is being sold by distributors only. >

I want to buy XXX units of Wandboard. Do you accept this?

We accept any quantity order for the Wandboard. Just keep in mind to buy whole units since we don't want to cut them in half.

Do you have a student plan?

Yes and No. The price for everyone is equal. No matter if you are a student, an individual that wants to buy a board for usage at home or a corporation. 79 USD for the Wandboard Solo and 99 USD for the Wandboard Dual and 129 USD for the Wandboard Quad.

I want to buy XXX units. What is the discount?

There is only one price. No matter you buy 1 or a thousand.

Can I donate units for charity?

We are considering to setup a charity plan however costs are not just for the boards when doing charity. Many things are involved such as shipment to the destination, dealing with importing the products, ensuring there is stable electricity as well teachers and learning materials to educate the kids that get the Wandboard in front of them.

PICO-IMX6UL for Android Things

pico imx6ul kit android things

Wandboard Specifications

Processor NXP i.MX6 Solo NXP i.MX6 Duallite NXP i.MX6 Quad
Cores Cortex-A9 Single core Cortex-A9 Dual core Cortex-A9 Quad core
Vivante GC 880
+ Vivante GC 320
Vivante GC 880
+ Vivante GC 320
Vivante GC 2000
+ Vivante GC 355
+ Vivante GC 320
Memory 512 MB DDR3 1GB DDR3 2GB DDR3
Audio tag tag tag
tag tag tag
HDMI tag tag tag
tag tag tag
Micro-SD slot 2 2 2
Serial port tag tag tag
tag tag tag
USB tag tag tag
USB OTG tag tag tag
Gigabit LAN tag tag tag
WiFi (802.11n)   tag tag
Bluetooth   tag tag

79 USD

99 USD

129 USD